Saliva Sample Collection Schedule

For the Week of April 12

COVID-19 Saliva Collection Schedule for the Week of April 12

The saliva screening program is now mandatory for all in-person learning. Those who are already in person and are currently participating will continue on the regular Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday saliva collection schedule.

Monday, April 12

8th, 5th, Kindergarten

Tuesday, April 13

7th, 4th, 1st

Wednesday, April 14

6th, 3rd, 2nd, PreK/EC

Reminder - Please fill out the saliva screening consent form in Skyward for each child who attends school in person by April 12. This is a new form and needs to be completed for every student who attends school in person.

Each child should return only 1 sample per week using the tube that is barcoded specifically for that student. Do not have your children use each other's barcoded tubes.

Thank you for participating in the COVID-19 saliva screening. Click here for the dashboard to monitor the data from week to week. The dashboard data is updated on Mondays.

Thank you!