Freshmen Newcomers!

By: Josh Young

New Book, New Chapter

Hello new coming freshman, and welcome to your new freshman year! I am Josh Young and I will tell you a couple of things about English class! English class for me was a blast this year. We read plenty of good books, did really cool projects, and also made cool presentations. Now, I know what you're saying about those books and projects. You're probably saying,'projects aren't fun'! That is not the truth in English 9, these projects will help you in your future life!

Tasks This Year

In English 9, you will be doing typical English stuff. Some of that stuff includes reading poetry and reading independent reading books. You might not like reading assigned books, but Mrs. Allen gives you choices. Some independent books include mostly your choice. But, you will also read short stories including:

  • The Most Dangerous Game
  • The Hunger Games
  • Monster
  • And The Odyssey
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My Favorite Part Of The Class

My opinion on the class is that it is fun. My favorite part is watching The Hunger Games after reading the book. Another favorite of that class is that you get to be with friends when you work. Working with your buds are always cool because you guys can communicate the same. It's your friend you guys think alike!

My Not So Favorite Part Of The Class

My not so favorite part of the class is the amount of work assigned. School is school and there will be assigned work due, but the amount of work i think was a little nit much. But, in that, you are freshman now and it's time to be responsible for your work! If you do not procrastinate in your work, you will do very well in that part of the class.
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Some advice to keep you focused in English 9 is to be smart in class. Do not play around in class when you are supposed to be paying attention! That got me in trouble many of times! If you pay attention in class, you will get a good grade. You don't really have time to play around, school is a learning place! Play after school, but do not play in English 9.
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top 5 ways to pass Mrs. Allen's English class...

  1. Stay organized with your papers. You cannot just 'get by' her class by being messy. If you lose your papers, you will eventually need them later on.
  2. Pay attention in class! You should pay attention in every class not just English 9! But, there is a lot of work in that class so pay your best attention in that class!
  3. Actually read your books. Do not try to read the book fast or in a slow manner. Get a book you like and stick with it until the end.
  4. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!!! IF your procrastinate, you will totally forget about the whole assignment! You should do the project early and get it over with.
  5. Study for any and every test. When you study for the English test it comes easier to you. You should study for every class, but especially for English 9 test!

my inspirational quote that motivates me...

"I've failed over and over again and that's why I succeed."

Michael Jordan

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