¡Bienvenidos Niños!

A un mundo nuevo

Marc Anthony - Vivir Mi Vida

Hi, my name is...

Profa. C, and I am pleased to be working with Ms. Lea as a UNCW intern. Because I know my students will ask me, for the record I am originally from Memphis, TN. My favorite artist is Bob Marley, and my hobbies include drawing/painting and cooking. Culture is my passion, hence why I'm a double major in Spanish and Foreign Language Education. I'm excited to get to know all of you personally, and I know we'll have a fun semester that will hopefully expose you guys to the AWESOME world of culture that is out there.

Extra Credit Dinners

  • You all will have two opportunities for extra credit! One will be Saturday, April 25 at 12:00pm. The second will be Sunday, April 26 at 3:00pm.

  • Both dinners will be at Los Portales on 1207 S Kerr Ave.

***Hey guys! No one came to the first dinner so I'm planning on canceling the second one unless I get an email saying you will be there. Have a great weekend!

Instructions for Partner Conversations

**Ian, Dymia, and Connor, your partners from 2nd Block were absent, so don't worry if you can't get a response.

**The homework deadline will be extended through the end of SMART lunch tomorrow since I was so late posting these instructions.

1. If you have your partner's number, text them your name. The person who texts first will be called partner 1. The person who receives the first text will be called partner 2.

Partner 2: Ask your partner what activity took the longest in class today.

Partner 1: Answer partner 2's question and ask what they ate today.

Partner 2: Answer partner 1's question.

That's it! Sorry it took so long for me to post this. You all know I have a terrible memory :)) See you in the morning and be ready for a class photo!

Homework and Assessment Reminders!

Homework for week of Jan. 26

Monday: Define 115 verbs. Tuesday: 4 noun-adj. agreement examples, syllabus signed, and goals/expectations completed. Wednesday: ser and estar handout Thursday: 2 sentences with ser, 5 location sentences with estar. Friday: ser + adjetivos

Homework for week of Feb. 2

Monday: Interrogatives fill in the blank practice sheet Tuesday: estar + adjetivos Wednesday: Regular verb conjugations practice sheet Thursday: Study for pre-quiz Friday: Study for Ser/Estar quiz on Wednesday

Homework for week of Feb. 9

Monday: Ser/Estar worksheet Tuesday: Study for ser/estar quiz Wednesday: Finish 115 Verb Practice Thursday: stem-changing verbs and GO verbs Friday: Social Issue Discussion Questions

Homework for week of Feb. 16

Monday: Stem-Change handout Tuesday: Stem-Change handout Wednesday: Stem-change handout Thursday: Study for stem-change quiz Friday: Finish Tango Reading


Homework for week of Feb. 23

Monday: saber/conocer practice Tuesday: NO SCHOOL Wednesday: saber/conocer practice Thursday: saber/conocer practice Friday: reflexive verb practice

Homework for week of March 2

Monday: hygiene vocabulary Tuesday: Choose topic for all concept project Wednesday: Complete ser/estar portion of All Concept Project Thursday: Complete noun-adjective agreement portion of All Concept Project Friday: Complete Stem-change portion of All Concept Project

Homework for week of March 9

Monday: none Tuesday: Study for reflexive quiz Wednesday: stem-change portion of ACP Thursday: regular -ar, -er, and -ir verbs Friday: saber and conocer portion of ACP

Homework for week of March 16

Monday: Go verb portion of ACP Tuesday: Reflexive poriton of ACP Wednesday: 5 clothing terms for ACP Thursday: 5 body terms for ACP Friday: Turn in edited ACP electronically before 12am if not already turned into class.

Homework for week of March 23

Monday: study for midterm Tuesday: study for midterm Wednesday: none Thursday: none Friday: none

Homework for week of April 6

Monday: Download free QR code reader/scanner app Tuesday: Download Poll Everywhere Wednesday: DOP/IOP practice Thursday: Study for DOP/IOP quiz Friday: none

Homework for week of April 13

Monday: Preterit practice Tuesday: preterit practice Wednesday: Learn -ar preterit endings Thursday: Learn -er/ir preterit endings Friday: Finish summarizing interview using preterit

Homework for week of April 20

Monday: preterit foldable Tuesday: preterit convos Wednesday: study for quiz

Thursday: sign up for text alerts Friday: none


Preterit Quiz on Thursday, April 23

Importance of the Spanish Classroom

Language exposes students to new cultures, and the classroom can teach them how to interact with these cultures in a professional way. Spanish II will give students skills they can use to become bilingual, which is an advantage in this global society. In addition to teaching my students the language, my goal is to show students the relevance of Spanish outside of the classroom and to sharpen their cultural awareness. They may later decide to use these critical skills in experiences such as Study Abroad or international career opportunities. This class can prepare them for the global society our world is becoming.

Intercultural Communication Adventure with Little Pilot

Spanish Music!!

1. ChocQuibTown- Somos pacíficos

2. Guayacan- Oiga, mire, vea

3. Monchy y Alexandra- Perdóname

4. Mala Rodríguez- Quien manda

5. Celia Cruz- La vida es un carnaval

6. Marc Anthony- Tu amor me hace bien

7. Ivy Queen- La vida es así

8.Ángel y Khris- Ven bailalo

9. 3ball mty- Inténtalo

10. Árchangel- Me prefieres a mí

Profa. C

email: profacompton@gmail.com phone: 350-2072 ext. 229

Profesora Lea

email: christi.lea@nhcs.net phone: 350-2072 ext. 229