Vacuum Cleaner

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History off the vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner was created by a man named James Spangler. He worked the night swift at a store where he would beat the dust off of rugs. The only problem was that he had a very bad asthma problem, so the dust would make him cough until he almost started coughing blood. One day he couldn't take it anymore, he had realized that the ceiling fan was powered by a small motor so he wondered if he added a motor to a carpet sweeper so it would be a electric sweeper. He disassembled the fan, took the fans blades off and put the motor into the sweeper, and with a leather belt he made a figure 8 shape around the brush which powered the brush to spin. It created more dust though which he still breathed in. He fixed it by making the fan blades smaller and the motor spun the brush which sent it into the blades which shot out the dust, so to fix that he took a pillow case and attach it to the sweeper. It improved so much. He sold his idea to a cousin named William Hoover which I believe was a big mistake on his part. The invention benefited a lot back then because it increased how people who would beat dust out of carpets because it would decrease the time it took on the job so you could do more work at a time. The vacuum cleaner has evolved in many ways. One way is that there are robotic vacuum cleaners that take no human labor at all. Also the vacuum cleaners have become so compact and more mobile.


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Vacuum Cleaner History

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