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Digital Newsletter - 1.9.18

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A Note from Mr. Tate

Can you believe we are already half-way through this school year?! I trust you all had a wonderful Christmas break! We ended the 1st semester in an awesome way with our 12 Days of Giving. I hope you all had a chance to read the articles and watch the news stories and videos from that project. All of that information and links are contained in this newsletter. I truly feel we made a huge impact on our school and community. I also believe our students learned valuable lessons. Thanks for your support in this project! I'm so proud of our entire team!

Here are a few thoughts from my reflection on the 12 Days of Giving I shared online...

Several of the reporters have asked me about how many people we think we reached with this project. It’s just hard to attach a number to it. We will never know this side of Heaven the real impact we have made. But it’s not even about that. It’s about being a blessing to these folks. To people who say, “No one ever thinks of us,” or “Usually when people call us it’s to complain,” or for the families who will now have a nice meal for Christmas. These are the unsung heroes of this project, and I hope that after we left, they truly felt this way.

A few of the highlights for me include the envelope I received in the giving one day that said “(Child’s name) did some chores around the house and wants to donate the money he received to the project,” seeing the students’ faces when they were able to tangibly see the results of their giving, the countless thank-yous we heard as we gave, the impromptu McDonald’s blessing our Betas and Ambassadors gave and received, and the list goes on and on. Seeing the faces of all those who we blessed was priceless too, with Mr. Garth’s reaction and “acceptance speech” being right up at the top of the list for me I believe. What special moments we have shared as a family at ELES!

Tears well up each time I really think about these things. I’m overwhelmed at the generosity of our students. Y’all our students gave over $1500 to this project, and that was before they had even seen any evidence of what their giving meant. That’s a lesson in compassion and faith itself, and it’s a testament to our students. They flat showed out and blew me away in their giving and their serving. But why should I have expected anything different? We just have good kids. And that statement resounded from every aspect of this project, from the folks we served to the reporters who talked with our students. With our students (and all of us for that matter), I hope that this will spark a true realization that it is indeed better to give than to receive and an internalization of what they have learned and experienced so that it won’t just be a project for them, but a way of life. For everyone involved, on both sides, I trust that spirits were lifted, hearts were encouraged, and hope was restored.

I love all of you and I’ve never been more proud of all of you and never been more proud to be an Eagle!

--Mr. Tate

Up and Coming at ELES

Please look for more details on these events from teachers and on our ELES Facebook page.

Friday, Jan. 12 - Report Cards go home

Monday, Jan. 15 - No School - MLK Jr. Holiday

Wednesday, Feb. 7 - 1/2 Day Professional Development - Students dismiss 11:30

Monday, Feb. 19 - No School - President's Day

Friday, Mar. 16 - 3rd Nine Weeks Ends

Monday-Friday, Mar. 26-30 - No School - Spring Break

Out and About at ELES

12 Days of Giving

ELES in the News - 12 Days of Giving

12 Days of Giving - Christmas Video for our Parents

ELES 12 Days of Christmas Video

School Spirit

Programs and Activities

Faculty and Staff

Student Leadership at ELES

One of our primary goals at ELES is to develop student leaders. This is a lesson that will last them a lifetime. We have started several leadership teams with our 4th grade. Our Ambassadors are selected by teachers to be greeters, hosts, and overall representatives of our school. Our ELES Chorus is back after several years of silence. It is under the direction of Mrs. Byrd and Mrs. T Black. They made a special debut at Grandparent's Day. The video can be found in the newsletter and on our ELES Facebook page. The Eaglettes is a group of twirlers under the direction of Mrs. Dover, Coach Hale, and Mrs. T Black. They have already had several performances. Other student leadership teams we have started include Cleanup Crew, Muscle Crew, Recycle Team, Office Aides, and Library Aides. Other teams will be kicking off soon, including our ELES Junior Beta Club. Stay tuned! Proud of all of our student leaders!

It's Cool to be in School Everyday at ELES

Research shows there is a direct link between student attendance and student achievement. That's why at ELES we are going to strongly promote attendance. We will make phone calls, send letters, and communicate with parents when there are attendance issues. We also believe in rewarding good attendance, and we have several incentives in place to do so. A list of these incentives was given at orientation and on the first day of school. For example, students with perfect attendance (no tardies, no check-ins, no check-outs) for the entire month are given special seating in the lunchroom on a selected day and also have lunch with ELHS football players, volleyball players, and cheerleaders. This has been a huge hit with our students and a big incentive for them. Parents - thank you for making this important too! Thanks for getting your children to school on time and for having them in place to learn each day!

Perfect Attendance - 2nd 9 Weeks - No Tardies, No Check-Ins, No Check-Outs

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