Braiden Partin

The other sports are just sports. Baseball is a love.

Who am i?

Intrestes: Sports,Fun,Funny,Athletic loves to have a great time and be with friends.

Skills: Sports leading people into direction and argueing.

values being funny

self e steem it's good i like to push myself alot

Where am i going?

Lawyer is a person who deals with cases and defending someone

Salary annually $66,700

Cluster Law,public safety,corrections and safety

Works usually about 9hours a day

Interesting things they haft defend a person that you know is lying

How do i get there?

I will attend unniversity of Arkansas

Location in Fayetville or NWA

Why cause it's closer to home about an hour away

Tuition about $60,000 dallars a year

I hope if i get a scholarship for baseball

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