Different types of computers

The 4 main PCs🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺

Desktop PC

Lots of people use desktops,they have a monitor,keyboard,mouse and the tower.Furthermore teachers use them to plan lessons,write emails and project things.Hardcore gamers use them to game, and you can customise it to be really fast.A good desktop usually ranges from about £100-£2000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Laptops are very useful, lots of every day people use them like: Teachers,they use them to plan lessons,do work and to do emails.Kids use them to play games and research stuff,and main people use them to go on social media and Netflix.They retail for about £250-£1000

Smart Phone

There are about 4 million people who have smart phones.The main people who use smart phone are teenagers, they use them for social media and to reshearch things.Bussniss men use them to make calls.The are really good because they are easy to carry around as well.Smart phones usually retail for about £50-£700
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Tablets are really useful because kids can use them to research things and play games.

Teachers also use them to plan lessons and take the register,furthermore, business men use theses instead of a laptop because they are easy to carry around.They retail for about £50-£350.

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