The Main Things

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September 15, 2021

Families- The Main Things- September 15th, 2021

Main Thing 1 - Stay Home While Sick

We are so happy to be serving students in-person this fall and part of the reason we can continue to do that is because of you. When your student is not feeling well and you keep them home that keeps everyone safe and allows other students to continue learning in the classroom. Also, if you as a parent or guardian is sick with COVID, please let us know. Your student would also likely need to quarantine. For more, visit our Stay Home If Sick webpage.

Main Thing 2 - Every Day Matters

When you are well, we want you to come to school every day! At the Medford School District Every Day Matters. We know there can be barriers keeping kids from attending regularly and we want to help remove them. If getting your student to school is difficult for one reason or another , it’s OK! Please reach out. We are happy to support you to keep your student in school because Every Day Matters.

Main Thing 3 - Smoky Skies - AQI

We’ve received some questions recently about the poor air quality and keeping students safe. We do have a team that monitors the air quality throughout the day and if the Air Quality Index (AQI) goes beyond a certain level, we bring activities indoors. We have more details about that on our website, here.

Other Thing - Busing Issues

We continue to work on providing bus transportation to students with half the number of drivers we normally have. Please help by driving or walking your student to school if possible. If you’re interested in driving for First Student, they offer a generous signing bonus and $20 an hour.

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