Digital Resources for Reading

Denton ISD Resources for Pre-K Teachers

Pre-K Students CAN Access District Resources from Home

The SSO is our Single Sign On portal for staff and students.

Students may log in from home to the SSO ( using their ID number and password. For pre-k students, most likely parents will be logging in for their student, so please securely share their student's school ID number and the generic password with them.

If you do not remember the generic password or need access to an ID number, please email your librarian. If you have parents that have trouble logging into SSO, please let your librarian know.

District Resources Staff Can Use for Virtual Learning

Library resources can be used to provide resources for lessons and activities. These resources are accessible in the SSO for staff and students.

In the SSO:

  • You can find digital materials under the folder Library-Research. These resources come in English and Spanish. Ebsco, Gale and Britannica are available in over 30 other languages. Within the Gale databases, you will find National Geographic Kids and Kids Infobits that might have more age-appropriate resources for pre-k. PebbleGo is also inside the Library-Research folder in the SSO.

  • Reading resources may be found under Library-ebooks and other. While we have digital books, not many are multi-use so students probably won't be reading the same book. Librarians will be available to help find books from our ebook platforms. Please let your librarian know if you need books that meet a certain criteria.

  • Do you need videos to introduce or teach a subject? Look at the videos in Learn 360 and Discovery Education. Learn 360 has thousands of videos.

From the district website:

Don't forget that the SSO is your one-stop shop for district-approved resources for all students!

District-Approved Reading Resources in the SSO

Reading Resources Outside the SSO

Creating and Sharing Read Aloud Videos

Recording read alouds without permission from the book's copyright holder is considered a copyright violation because it is changing the format of the original work (print to digital). This is a right given directly to the copyright holder.

However, many publishers and authors are granting temporary permission to create read aloud videos as long as they are posted to closed or password-protected platforms (such as Seesaw or Google Classroom) and are deleted within a specific time frame (such as 30 days from posting or the end of the current school year).

If you would like to create a read aloud video of yourself to share with students, please use a book from a publisher or author that has given specific permission to educators. Make sure to follow any guidelines the publishers have placed on educators.

Please be aware: Copyright Fair Use does not exist if the publisher has published terms and conditions. That is a license agreement and by agreeing to their terms you forfeit your Fair Use exemption. Many of the publishers state by posting a read-aloud online you agree to their terms and conditions.

Here is a link to a Google Sheet that Denton ISD librarians have started that lists publishers and authors who have given temporary permission for educators to record their books as read alouds. This document is still a work in progress, so you might check it regularly to see if any new publishers/authors have been added.

Our district legal department has also created a list of permissions that you can review here:

KERA Learn! Coronavirus Education Toolkit

From KERA Learn! website:

With many schools closed for an indefinite period to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, keeping kids educated and engaged requires special resources.

These tools and materials have been specially curated for parents and caregivers with school-aged children at home, as well as for educators who are teaching children remotely.

Free eBooks from Junior Library Guild @ Home

Unlimited access for students of all ages, on any device. No limit to the number of users.


Username: JLGELM

Password: JLGFREE

Open eBooks for Students and Families

"Open eBooks is a library containing thousands of popular and award-winning titles that are free for children from in-need communities. These eBooks can be read without checkouts or holds. The goal of Open eBooks is to encourage a love of reading and serve as a gateway to children reading even more often, whether in school, at libraries, or through other eBook reading apps." From

Via First Book, I have been able to obtain access codes and pin numbers to share with families that will grant access to the Open eBooks digital library. Each student can receive a unique access code and pin, but families will need a device that they can download the app first. If you are interested in receiving these codes to share with families, please email your librarian. They will send you enough codes to share with all of your students and a letter for parents explaining how to access Open eBooks. Please Note: These codes are specifically for schools that are Title 1 or serve mostly low income families.

Epic! is offering FREE Remote Student Access

From the Epic! website:

Beginning today, we are offering FREE worldwide Remote Student Access to Epic through the end of the school year (June 30th, 2020), by teacher invitation — no credit card required. Families only need an invitation from their teacher to get started. Students will have anywhere, anytime access to the full Epic library on all devices (including web browsers, the iOS app and the Android app), and teachers can stay connected to their students by assigning books and collections and tracking reading activity and progress.


Region 11 ESC has created a site that provides instructional support materials for educators and parents. There will be weekly learning modules all grades, including pre-k. The Week 1 module is about bugs. There are online professional development and other resources for educators under the Bite-Sized PD for Districts/Campuses and the Educational Resources for All tabs. Information and resources for bilingual and SPED educators is under the Specialized Support tab.


Connect2Texas is a network of Texas-based educational content providers including museums, authors, and cultural, historical and scientific organizations. These providers utilize interactive videoconferencing to deliver live educational programs and professional development to school children and educators across the country. Bring the scientists, experts, and authors directly to your students without leaving the classroom! A Free Resource for Online Professional Development


" is a free social network and professional learning community that can help you with online learning and collaboration, especially as we cope with the spread of the coronavirus.

edWeb is for professionals in education (not students). You can use to create free online communities for your staff, schools, and districts that can be public or private, and include many tools for collaboration. Use an edWeb community as a hub where you can plug in additional tools, like a Zoom room, for example, if you’re using Zoom for video conferencing while working remotely."

Gonzalez SYC and Windle SYC Libraries

I'm here to help with your information needs! Please send me an email with any questions or requests. I will help you as quickly as I can. Thank you for your time!

Amanda Qualls

School Librarian