Shortest Luxury Leases for Expats

6 month Leases - Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Audi, Lexus & more.

Expats Helping Expats

The Expat Automotive Company was established by expats to help foreigners – executives, their families and students - have easy and flexible access to luxury vehicles in the USA.

We provide better solutions for 3 reasons:

1. Our boutique financing helps people without a US credit history to lease cars

If you don't have a US based credit history, leasing cars is problematic, regardless of your home country financial standing.

We assess each of our clients based on their individual merit. This boutique approach often enables us to assist people that the US banks and credit institutions won’t finance.

2. Our leases are from just 6 months – the shortest in the industry

Prior to our 6 Month solution, the only real options available were to rent a car at exorbitant weekly / monthly prices, or to buy a car outright. If you were lucky enough to lease a car, it was for a minimum of 2, and most likely 3 years. Most people don't want those long term handcuffs. Our clients choose us because we’re a short term, top quality solution to their specialized needs.

3. Luxury Vehicle Flexibility and Range - In terms of the Size, Price & Type.

Compare the cars and the prices we offer to any 6 month rental.

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What, When & How Much?

Fill in the simple questionnaire at and tell us what you want, when you want it and if you have a budget.
The Small Print : * All our quoted monthly leases have additional monthly taxes, Fully Refundable security deposit and Non Refundable drive off fee. The refundable security deposit is determined subject to no damage nor excess mileage during the lease period. Every lease comes with mileage limitations. All our vehicles are near new, and fully guaranteed

Our Launch Events are coming in May/June 2013 - who should we invite?

If you or others you know are interested in our services and would like to be invited to our launch events, please email us at

The launches will be held in Los Angeles and Orange County.

We think interested professionals could be from any of the following areas
  • Employers of foreigners - studios, big Fortune 500 companies etc
  • Colleges & Universities of foreign students
  • Foreigner groups - eg Aussies in LA, Chinese in OC etc
  • Foreign Government Officials eg Consul General etc
  • Potential future dealers of luxury vehicles