" The Life Of Julius Caesar "

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Julius Caesar was a wonderful man , and he was vey important to the beginning Rome Religion was polytheistic . From an initial array of gods and spirits , Rome added to his collection to include both Greek gods as well as a to include both Greek gods as well as a number of foreign cults . Gaius Julius Caesar was born on the 12th of July 100 BC in Rome.

Big Impact Of The Powerful Man

During the region of him as a director. He did a lot of impact to Rome , and not just Rome they people also .One of impact that Julius Caesar did was the initial crises with which Caesar had to deal was widespread debt in Rome, especially after the outbreak of civil war when lenders demanded repayment of loans and real estate values collapsed. The result was a serious shortage of coinage in circulation as people hoarded whatever they had. Also all the things he was doing he had to deal with widespread unemployment in Rome . Also the poor were offered a new life in Rome's colonies .

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'' Fortune , which has a great deal of power in other matters but especially in war , can bring about great changes in a situation through very slight forces . "


Julius Caesar

A great Roman general and senator , recently returned to Rome in triumph after a successful military campaign. While his good friend Brutus worries that Caesar may aspire to dictatorship over the Roman republic , Caesar seems to show no such inclination , declining the crown several times .

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' Man Of Mediterranean "

If there ever was a most characteristic military leader in history, that was Julius Caesar. Beyond his undeniable ability for strategy, the roman general outstood because of his personal leadership lessons over his army, to whom he knew how to transmit his vision and wisdom. His troops gave Caesar back the trust he needed for his many victories. From him, we are taking these eight valuable lessons that a great leader should have known .Julius Caesar, as many other politicians and soldiers in Roman times, was also a good orator. He used to show up, impeccably dressed, at the Roman Senate, and addressed his soldiers with vehement speeches. A good leader cares about learning cares about learning communication techniques that will help .
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