Unity in Diversity

An eTwinning Project

This project is about exchanging ideas and information concerning intolerance, racism and discrimination in order to provoke reflection and to raise awareness among our students.

This project falls within a wider project led by two History teachers who started their work last year after the terrorist attacks in Paris. One of their aims is to get the students to understand the consequences of an ideology of hate and intolerance.


The aims are:
- to motivate the students, enhance their confidence and help them to thrive in school by giving meaning to their work in class.
- to give the students the opportunity to improve their language and communication skills.
- to encourage an international friendship in order to go over prejudices and overcome stereotypes.
- to exchange ideas and information concerning intolerance, racism and discrimination.
- to understand the mechanisms of racism, discrimination, racial discrimination and intolerance.
- to raise awareness among our students and broaden their horizons.

Work Process

October-December 2015:
Part :1 Going over prejudices and stereotypes.
-> interviews and videos to get to know each other.
Part 2: Defining the words.
-> definitions of a series of words connected with the project (work with the Art teacher) + interviews.
January-March 2016:
Part 3: Discrimination and racial discrimination.
--> articles about discrimination and racial discrimination in the world and through History. Articles about books and movies dealing with discrimination and racial discrimination.
April-June 2016
Part 4: From racism to genocide.
--> work with the History teacher.

The agreed-on topics are dealt with within each participating school's curriculum / lessons.
Regular contact by email and/or phone.
The participating students can exchange emails.

Expected Results

Interviews, videos, posters and articles posted on Twinspace.