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- Issue 18 - February 8, 2015

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Learning Outside of the Classroom

As a teacher, I'll be the first to say that the learning we do inside of the classroom, only one fraction of the learning our kids need as they grow. Taking the students to swimming lessons and having them:

- be responsible to bring their things to and from the pool

- be respectful to other patrons using the pool

- listen and respect their swimming teacher

- try new and hard things

- overcome their fears and worries

- get themselves dressed and packed in a few short minutes

- use their manners

Was a great experience for them. I look forward to taking them again in the coming weeks.

With that said, because we are missing the afternoon from the classroom, we will need to make up the time, which will result in the students missing some of their regularly scheduled P.E. classes on non-swimming days.

The upcoming break has brought a bit of "spring fever" to our classroom, and as a result, we had a class meeting this week discussing how we can maintain our classroom as a respectful and responsible learning environment. Each student as a responsibility to themselves and to their fellow classmates - ask your child about what they shared with the class that they need/want to work on.

So What Did you Do at School Today ...?

This week, ask your children about:


- Inferring - Thinking and Guessing using Evidence or Clues

- inferring about my neighbour's garbage

- inferring about what was happening in the video "One Man Band"

- inferring what the magazine ads were selling

- inferring using the most important word ... BECAUSE

- The arrival of some new books for our classroom library!


- Drafting our fiction stories - making sure to have a balance of our characters:

- talking

- thinking

- acting

- Using a combination of both short and long sentences


- Measuring the area of a shape

- 2-D shapes (triangle, quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon, octagon)

- Polygon vs non-polygon

Social Studies:

- Role Play - What would have happened before the signing of the treaties?

- The Treaties


- Kahoot!

- Valentine's Art Project

Upcoming Dates

This Week:

February 8 - Skating at 1:00

February 10 - Swimming in the afternoon


- Tornado Hunter Presentation (12:30 for kids - 7:00 PM for families)

February 12 - School Carnival @ 12:30 (Send $3-$5)

- Valentine's Handout @ 2:00

Next Week:

February 13-21 - February Break

February 22 - SWIMMING!