Girls' League


What is Girls' League?

Girls' League is an active club for junior and senior girls. Girls’ League serves to assist the school and community in any way possible.

Girls' League's Purpose

The purpose of this club is to promote leadership, character, reliability, scholarship, develop skills in being a young lady, and diversity in activities with members as well as the school.

Some of our Services

Consists of 35 girls

What are our goals?

  • Prioritize community service
  • Contribute back to the school
  • Helping our community, as well as our school
  • Committed to making our school and community a better and safer place
  • Enhance womanhood and sisterhood through bonding activities
  • Create trust by forming a family within our group of girls
  • Promote school events and activities
  • Develop a bond with people around us

Our Mission Statement

The Girls’ League of Los Amigos High School aims to support the ideals of friendship and unity among the girls, as well as to the school, staff, and community.