GT Monthly Minute

Harmony Grove School District

What is giftedness?

Giftedness occurs when there is an interaction of above average ability, creativity, and task commitment.

Not all gifted kids are alike, but many share common traits. Some common traits of gifted children include:

  • High sense of justice

  • Beyond the group

  • Inquisitive

  • Highly curious

  • Mentally & physically involved

  • Is intense

  • Manipulates information

  • Has abstract ideas

  • Has wild, silly ideas

  • Discusses in detail, elaborates

  • Keenly observant

  • Highly self-critical

  • Has strong feelings & opinions

  • Plays around yet tests well

  • Few repetitions for mastery

Big picture


Formal identification begins in 3rd grade at HGSD. Referrals are accepted any time. To refer a student, please click the green GT Referrals button above.