How To Live A Healthy Life

Be Healthy,Be Happy


First of all, what is nutrition? Nutrition Is a human body at work. Also means the process by which living things take into their system.

Not over eating is really important. Also don't eat too much junk,eat it once in a while.If your eating,let's say a bag of chips,check the ingredients. You don't know what's in there.

Eating natural food is the best choice. E.g. fruits are healthy. You don't want to eat food with too much oil for every day.

Drinking lots of water makes your body function properly. Have you ever been feeling weak,drink more milk and your bones will be stronger. Also your bones will be more white and healthy.

Add vegetables to your meals, like peas because they can make you taller. But eat about 6 vegetables and fruits a day.6 grain products,3-4 dairy products a day and 1-2 meat and alternatives a day.

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Healthy Lifestyle

Get enough sleep because your body works all day and it needs to rest and heal. Do something active instead of playing

on your device all day long. It can damage your vision.

Go to the gym 3-5times a week. Exercise outside for about 30 minutes. Cut down soda,caffeine and sugar.

Devour fats in mode moderation but don't eat fast. Eat a variety of whole foods instead of bad processed foods. Have a balance of healthy carbohydrates,proteins,fats and other nutreins.

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Processed Food And Food Additives

Processed food are foods that they have to go trow lots of processing. Like cheese. Processed foods has to have to put lots of things in it. Some additives like B.H.A is a disease costing ingredient. But this doesn't mean you can't eat food with it. Carrageenan is found in all meat and dairy products. It is a cancer causing ingredient.

Processed Foods

- Cheese

- Juice

- Chocolate

Food Additives


- Carrageenan



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