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May Update

With a few weeks left of school I wanted to let you know of the exciting things happening in PEGS I. I also am asking for your help with several projects. First, please follow the link below to sign up for the PEGS Picnic, if you haven't already done so. Second, I am asking parents to complete a PEGS survey, These results are given to the School Boards of all three districts. The link to the survey is also below. Third, if you have an hour to donate to our class, we could use your help in putting together our Fairy Tale Books. Just let me know what works for you.

Check these dates

May 1: Library books are due in our school library; our classroom library is open until the last day of school. In fact, I have just received a batch of new books for the kids to enjoy.

May 5th: Tryouts for the school-wide Talent Show

May 12: PEGS Picnic; Dillon, Callie, Grant, Vincent, Dominic, Olli and Mia have already signed up. As of today, we have about 100 people attending the picnic. IF YOU HAVE NOT SIGNED UP, PLEASE FOLLOW THE LINK BELOW TO DO SO. If you need for me to send home a hard copy, just let me know.

May 13th: Moving Up Day. As of today we are welcoming 2 new girls to PEGS I next year.

May 19: School-wide Talent Show; Try outs are on May 5th.

May 20th: Field Day; Our class will participate in the afternoon session. We could use your help that day in the field.

May 21st: Last day of school; School assembly will take up most of the morning with yearbook signing and sack lunch following. EARLY DISMISSAL.

Thank you for letting me work with your children this year.

This has been an amazing, high energy class! I'm grateful to have 6 returning second graders who will be the third grade leaders next year. Then we will add two second grade girls to the mix which will round out PEGS I for 2015-2016.

Have a wonderful summer, if I don't see you before the end of the year.

Connie Isbell