How to Become a Screencast Fanatic!

Olivia's guide to using screencast-o-matic!

Follow these steps and learn how to record your own screencast-o-matic!

1. Google screencast-o-matic

2. Click on

3. Create your free account (this is optional)

4. Download application for your Mac or Windows System

5. Once download is complete, return to

6. sign into your account (again, this is optional)

7. Just click the Start Recording button, located on the left side of the home page

8. Then, click the black bar with the red and silver circle that says, record screen cast; it is located on the left hand side of the page as well

9. Click allow or ok if prompted to launch the screen cast

10. If an external protocol notice shows up, click on the launch application feature

11. The record screen will show up, chose the feature you desire: screen view only, web cam view only, or enable both the screen and webcam

12. Check your narration feature, to see if your voice is recognized.

13. Make certain that the green bars flash when you talk, click on arrow to adjust volume

14. Click the record button when you are ready

15. Wait for the count down 3-2-1

16. Start screen casting!