The Fantastic Book "Bud,Not Buddy''



The book, "Bud, Not Buddy", is an amazing book by Christopher Paul Curtis. The setting is in Flint, Michigan in 1963. This is about an orphaned 10 year old boy on the search for his father. This book includes fake parents, sleeping in a library, and thinking someone is a vampire. This a funny, but sad book. Honestly, I love this book and you should definitely read it!


There were many settings in this story, but here are some major settings: Flint, Michigan, Amoses shed, Hooverville, and Grand Rapids. My favorite setting was Grand Rapids because there he was walking the streets and Lefty Lewis and his family helped him get to Herman E. Calloway.


Bud goes to Grand Rapids trying to find his dad, but you'll not expect what he's going to find out. Afterwards he has a family and good, safe, shelter. There was a lot of issues, bad things had happened, but he got through it and found something very special, family.