Richard "Bruno" Hauptmann

By Carter Herring, Chris White, Chris Clark and Landon Berry

Summary of the Case.

Richard Hauptmann put a ladder under the childs window and kidnapped him and left a ransom note of $50,000 in the childs room. The Lindbergh family paid the ransom but never got their child back. The child was found 4 miles from the Lindbergh house, dead. Cause of death was a blow to the head either from falling from the ladder or blunt force trauma from Hauptmann. Soon after, Richard Hauptmann used a gold slip to make a purchase at a convenience store, which caused suspicion and led the clerk to call the police. The police realized that the slip was a part of the ransom money paid and tracked down the license plate number which belonged to Richard Hauptmann. While searching his house, the police found $14,500 of the ransom money and arrested Hauptmann. He was found guilty and sentenced to death by electric chair. Though Richard Hauptmann never admitted his guilt and died proclaiming his innocence.
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Personalities Involved.

Richard Hauptmann - Murderer

Charles LIndbergh - Father of Child

David Wilentz - New Jersey Attorney General

Anne Morrow Lindbergh - Mother

Anna Hauptmann - Wife

Significance and Theme.

The state won this trial. It is an example of Americanism because Charles Lindbergh was an American hero.
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