By; Kenzel & Ashley

Type Of Pathogen

  1. The Virus attacks the bodies immune system, even the white blood cells
  2. Your Immune System fights against infections to keep your body healthy, T-cells (white blood cells) play a key role.

Transmission Sites

  1. HIV can be passed from an infected person to another through, Blood,Semen,Vaginal Fluid & Breast Milk
  2. People can be exposed to HIV by having anal,vaginal, or oral sex without using a condom or using it incorrectly.


Prevention/Other Information

  1. To prevent yourself from getting HIV/Aids .. you can have protected sex by using a condom, don't share needles,limit the number of sexual partners you have and use sterile needles.
  2. The virus stays in your body for your lifetime.The virus has been treated with a combination of different drugs, when taken together at the same time everyday.
  3. Following your doctors treatment plan is important, your health care provider may also tell you to eat healthy foods, exercise and lower any stress in your life.