Anti Animal Abuse

by Laurie Sanford


This website serves to educate individuals on the harsh reality of animal cruelty and steps we can take to help prevent it. My idea is to help inform people on how to spot animal cruelty and how to eliminate it. Keep reading to find out how to help our planet and stop animal cruelty, abuse, and testing.
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This image shows a dog locked in a cage with harsh conditions.

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Why is Identifying Animal Abuse & Eliminating it Important?

Animals do not have a voice of their own. Therefore it is unfair and cruel to throw animals out, starve them, or abuse them in any way. The ways we can stop animal abuse are listed below:

-Turn in any one you see that is abusing an animal in any way.

-Volenteering at an animal shelter.

-Adopt an animal.

-Encourage others and youself to buy products that are non animal tested.

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This image shows a dog tied up by its legs and mouth.

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The Pros & Cons of Preventing Animal Abuse

Here is a list of pros and cons of preventing animal abuse.


-Animal lives are saved.

-Happier homes for animals.

-More animals adopted.

-Less animal tested products.


-There aren't any!

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This image shows the top 10 ways you can help prevent animal cruelty.

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We Want YOU to Help Fight this Cause!

We are calling YOU to help prevent animal cruelty. The next time your at a store buying products check and see if it's animal tested, if not don't buy. The next time you see anyone that is abusing an animal, take a photo or video and CALL THE POLICE! Maybe go to an animal shelter on a free Saturday you have and walk dogs or help out. Also consider adopting!

Thank you for reading about this cause!


Learn More

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