regions of the west

sean johnson

land forms of the west

There are many different kinds of land forms but the most important are hills valley and mountain. One of the biggest mountain is the Rocky Mountain is extends more then 3000 miles in the west there has the biggest mountain and the smallest valley. The biggest mountain is mount McKinley in Alaska the smallest is Death valley have other land form is volcanoes like mount st. Helen's it should have came out the top but come out of the side of it made a big hole in the volcano.


The west has different kinds of of fruits and vegetables the mile temperature rainy days allow farmers to provide many kinds of fruits and vegetables. Washington leads the country in growing apples and sweet cherries. Oregon is know for it winter pears. Idaho has rich soil for growing potatoes wheat and hey. Farmers in central valley grow 50 different kinds of fruit and vegetables such as peaches grapes tomatoes they all grow in California.


There are so many jobs in the west like framing like in central valley it is consider the best farming area it produces the most grapes in the united states. Idaho grows the most potatoes. And fishing is a good job in the west Alaska caches the most fish in the country. mining is also a good job you need stone oil coal gold to make stuff. tech is a good thing to have in this day the west has lot have tech stuff.


The west has unique climate the west has the record of 80 mines fair and height. The west also has the most hottest place in the country death valley 134 degrees fair height. the west also has the wettest place Hawaii the record is 500 inches of rain. on the top of an mountain tress to not grow this is called timberline.


the west has some unique materials such as coal oil national gas not all the states mine the same thing Utah mines petroleum coal. Alaska transports oil to a pipe line it travels 800 miles. but some times oil leaks happen on boats infect the water with oil. And here are some other materials they mine gold silver lead zinc copier 3 4th of the gold is used for jewelry.