Weekly Staff Bulletin

~January 6-10 ~Week 17~

Reflections on Design Principles

Learning is both a personal, individually specific process of discovery and a social activity. Each of us learns within and for ourselves and as a part of a group. Every aspect of a school MUST encourage children, young people, and adults to become increasingly responsible for directing their own personal and collective learning.

As we move towards this 2nd stretch of the school year, I reflect on the learning that I have engaged in, either because of a training, researching, reading articles, engaging in professional development, but most importantly learning from you. I have gained a true appreciation of your passion for the children at SEED and for what SEED stands for - through these experiences I have gained great colleagues and friends.

I invite you to welcome this second semester with the same enthusiasm, passion, and committment that was evident throughout the past months.

Tests & Assessments


2nd through 5th grade

SRI 2: Opens January 6th through January 30th

Testing will take place during library time. Please assure that students bubble the answers on their answer document.

Materials will be provided.

TK DRDP 2, 3

2: closes January 17th, 2: check in January 30th

3: opens 1/21 & closes 3/21

3rd through 5th

Science Writing Task #2

Opens: January 27th & closes February 21st

Scan by: February 28th


I encourage you to build a community with your students and use this time to reengage & recommitt them to their schooling. Reestablish and revisit classrooom routines and procedures - teach it, model it, discuss it, practice it, and reinforce it!

Community building is a daily focus and this second semester lends itself for:

  • reestablishing daily classroom meetings
  • setting expectations for active participation and full engagement
  • opportunities for students to exercise their voice for the common good & for service to others
  • recommitting to responsibility to self & others
  • reviewing norms for collaboration
  • reengaging students in reflective practices (Why did we learn this? Why was this important to learn? How will we use what we just learned?)

Practical Tools for the Classroom

Morning Meeting Messages: 180 Sample Charts from Three Classrooms, by Rosalea Fisher, Eric Henry, Deborah Porter

99 Activities and Greetings, by Melissa Correa-Connolly

Energizers! 88 Quick Movement Activities That Refresh and Refocus, by Susan Lattanzi Roser

The Morning Meeting Book, by Roxann Kriete

The Advisory Book, by Linda Crawford

LGBTQ Tool Kit

The OUSD LGBTQ Tool Kit is now on-line! It has info on anti-bullying, policies, etc.


What's going on this week?

Tuesday, January 7th: Beatrice & Nora @ Math CCSS Implementation Training

8:00 AM through 3:00 PM

Admin Desgnees: Mark Zucker & Paul Davis

Tuesday, January 7th: Culture & Character Committee Meeting

2:45-3:15 PM

@ Beatrice's Office

Wednesday, January 8th: PD - Crew & Expo

One half of a PD will be reserved for an expo “showcase.” As discussed at the ILT meeting, each grade level will present something about their expos. A representative from each grade level will need to bring an example of each of the following:

  • schedule
  • artifact (ie. passport, expedition panel)
  • example to share of something that the students will be presenting to the parents
  • brief example of a student presentation (1-2 sentences) that describes their expedition, to be presented at assembly


Data Chats

Data Chats pending for 2nd grade team & Ms. Bien. Please submit a date & time for this week.

EL Summer Expeditions

Thank you for uploading the summer work to EL Commons!


P.E. Make Ups

Coach K & Ms. Zoe are working on the schedule. It will be posted & emailed to you this week.

Responding to Families

Dear Colleagues,

There has been multiple parents voicing concerns that their emails &/or phone calls are not being responded to by the teaching staff. I ask that you check your phone messages and OUSD email in a timely manner and that you respond to our families within 72 hours.

Chronic Absences

Dear Colleagues,

Any student with chronic absences due to illness can be referred to the Wright Institute. Please see Dr. Gooding for more information.

Congratulations to all of you for promoting school attendance; our chronic absence rate has decreased from 11% to 7%.

In the next month, we will have families that may leave for prolonged time. I urge you to communicate this to Dulce and I. We are very interested in talking to the families about the IS process.

Independent Study

Dear Colleagues,

If a parent requests for you to prepare a homework packet for their child because they will be on a prolonged absence, please refer the parent to the office. We want to make sure that all parents requesting IS is aware of our process and goes through the proper channels.

Friday's Community Assembly

Week 17

TK/K: Mr. Pastrana & Ms. Mazy

1st: Ms. Tapia & Ms. Goodie

2nd: Ms. Ana & Ms. Parchia

3rd: Ms. Cato

4th: Ms. Bien

5th: Mr. Zucker