Stop the Bullying!

There are Eyes all over the School!


If you are a bystander go tell a teacher! Don't just walk by, get help but, also don't get involved in the fight because that can involve you getting into physical fights.
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You also have to think, the bully might be having hard times at home and that is why they are bullying you because that is the only way they can make themselves feel better. If this happens to you, try to remain calm and the bully might just leave you alone because they didn't get the reaction they were looking for.
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If you have any questions you can just ask Officer Bratcher, he has a story of his own if you didn't know that!

Don't Bully

Last, but not least, don't bully, if someone is bothering you or if you are mad, don't do it stay calm and ignore, bullying is not the path you want to take, be friend, help stop it!