Better Transportation

See what started the transportation revolution

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Who was responsible for the Transportation Revolution?

  • Peter Cooper built the first locomotive in 1830
  • Ted Judah built the first trans-continental railroad
  • Central Pacific and Union Pacific worked together to create the railroad

What was the event?

  • People first invented steam engines that propelled boats
  • Then, invented the steam locomotives and railroads
  • Finally, Trains

Where did it take place?

  • Continental railroad went from California to Nebraska
  • Followed Oregon and Mormon trails

When did this all start?

  • Started in the 1850's ( planning the railroad)

Why did this happen?

  • People needed faster railroad ways to get raw materials to customers faster
  • Also to get finished product to customers too

Why should you support transportation?

  • Raw goods would be received faster and still fresh.
  • Makes transporting goods faster
  • Receive news faster
  • Travel faster as well