Mt. Rushmore

By: Sophia


A few hundred workers used dynamite, Jack hammering, and chiseling to construct and sculpt Mt. Rushmore.

Gutzon Borglum

Gutzon Borglum was a American Artist, and sculptor who is famous for designing the heads of Mount Rushmore. He was in charge.

Gorge Washington's head

Gorge Washington's head was started first.It was completed in seven years and dedicated to the public on independence day 1934. A big american flag was placed over his head before it was reveled to the public.This became a tradition.

Thomas Jefferson's head

His head was started next. They put his head to the left of Gorge Washington's head, but before the head was complete, Gutzon Borglum ordered that the head must be blown off because of the poor rock quality. The construction of Tomas Jefferson's head started again on the right side of Gorge. His head was dedicated in 1936.

Abe Lincoln's head

Abe Lincoln's head was more of a challenge because of his beard. But his head was completed on the right side of the cliff. It was dedicated on September, 17, 1937.

Theodore rosevelt's head

While his head was being constructed places were tourists were being built too. The workers couldn't find suitable rock so they dug further in to the mountain causing concerns, but the sculptor was completed and dedicated on July 2nd 1939.


Lots of animals live by Mt. Rushmore such as mountain goats, bison deer elk, and even prairie dogs. Mountain lions live there too but are rarely seen.

Fun facts

The portrait was planned to be head to waist, But a shortage in funding didn't allow this.
Hosts nearly 3 million people a year.
Took 14 years and over 400 workers to construct it.
Each face is 60 feet high.
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