Going.. Going... Gone!!

You won't want to miss this!

Hello there!! I hope you all have had a FANTASTIC summer!!! It has been flying by!! With over three parties going on each week, I have met some AMAZING ladies these past couple months!! And because of some BIG news, I felt I better get the message out to everyone PRONTO! :D

Jamberry JUST released that over 120 wraps will be retiring FOREVER on September 1st!! As in after August 31st you can NEVER buy them again!! I am quite heartbroken!!! They did announce this a little early too so I get to give you an extra special offer with this announcement!! But you have to act FAST!! Anyone who picks up a B3G1 order, before July 31st 9 PM PST, will get a FREE GOING GOING GONE (GGG) SHEET OF WRAPS!! That's right...

Going Going Gone Facebook Party!!!

Saturday, Aug. 1st, 12:30pm-1:30am

This is an online event.

Click here to request to join the party! :)


I have TONS of special offers going on in the party!! AND I will be giving away the hostess rewards earned in this party!! So be sure to join us! We will be playing Going.. Going.. Gone! BINGO!!! ;) And maybe even twice if we can get enough ladies!!! :D

Feel Free to Shop At Any Time Here

Keep in mind there is a B3G1 Free Deal! And the first person to place a B3G1 Order gets a free set of accent nail wraps! :D