New Spice

Smell Fresh and New for the ladies

ONLY $2.50 a bottle!!!

New spice helps you smell fresh as soon as you spray it on


  • Has a better feel on your body then other products
  • Doesn't give any rashes or leave any marks
  • Usually will last the whole day
  • Works best for people who workout then have important places to go
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People Say its a shower in a bottle!!


To make sure our buyers art allergic or anything to our product we make sure that they read the back and see all of our ingredients into our special spray. This insures that we did try to warn them incase of any unusual stuff.

Real life example

People can be working out or out running, or maybe just playing some hoops with friends. Then your job comes and says to come to the office or a cute girl calls you up and says lets go to a movie but it starts in 30 min and you live 25 min away from the theaters. This is where new spice comes in. With just spraying our special good smelling spray it makes you seem like you've just taken a shower and your able to make it to the office and the movies smelling good.


In this poster I used Pathos. I tried to tell people with actual experiences that happen to people. To try to hit their emotions and thoughts and try to convince or think about times its happened to them when they needed to smell good really fast.