Pairwise Comparison & Condorcet Cri


This is How You do It.

Definition: Comparing candidates to one another, then assigning a point.

Example: As a group of business workers, they are trying to decide what kind of cappuccino to get. The choices are French Vanilla, White Chocolate, or English Toffee.

15 votes: FV<WC<ET

12 votes: WC<FV<ET

10 votes: FV<ET<WC

So we compare FV to WC and you can see that FV gets 15 and 10 votes while WC only get 12 so we know that FV gets a point. We continue doing this for WC and ET and FV with ET. In the end, FV gets 2 point, ET only gets 1, and ET gets 0. When we get the results, we see that FV wins overall. So the office is getting FV cappuccino!

Condorcet Criterion

This method follows the same exact steps as the Pairwise Comparisons. The only difference is that one topic has to win all comparisons. So in our above example, FV wouldn't have won because it didn't win against WC. Also in Condorcet, there is a possibility of being no winner.