Junior High Journal - 8th Grade

May 14th - May 18th - Final Newsletter

All Junior High Reminders:

    • Chromebooks should be charged every night.

    • Students should check the homework calendar nightly.

    • Check Skyward for updates of grades and missing or late assignment

      • May 18th - Subway night sponsored by PTO 4-7pm

      • May 22nd- Spring Band Concert @ 9:45am and 7:00pm

      • May 23rd - Anthology

      • May 24th - Field Day/Red Carpet Ceremony

      • May 25th - Teacher Inservice - No School

      • May 28th - Memorial Day - No School

      • May 29th - 7th and 8th Grade Advanced Band Field trip to Great America

      • May 30th - Awards Day

      • May 31st - 8th Grade Class Trip

      • June 4th - 8th Grade Graduation 7pm


ELA News


This week in ELA, students began presenting their career projects. I’ve enjoyed learning about the careers they are interested in, and how perfectly some of their choices fit each student’s unique gifts and strengths. Also this week, we continued to read about “Work”. Students read a memoir by Gary Soto about his experiences working in the fields out west just to have money to buy himself new school clothes. We also read two articles about the importance of teens having jobs. Student then evaluated the claims made in the articles for accuracy. Thank you for your constant support of your student throughout the year. I hope each and every one of them enjoys their high school experience.


Math News



In Intro to Algebra we finished working with volume and ended the week with a quiz. There were many practice assignments from the week and grades will be updated over the weekend. Our next unit will involve experimental probability. Please encourage your students to spend some time working on IXL. Have a great weekend! Mrs. Seitz

8th Grade Algebra continued working with polynomials. On Monday we reviewed the first six sections of the chapter. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we completed the Spring Maps testing for math. I am proud to say that many students made considerable gains in their overall score. On Friday we continued with factoring more difficult trinomials. We will spend the rest of the school year working with trinomials and quadratic equations. Everything should be graded and into Skyward by the end of the weekend. Look for one last progress report in your email the first part of next week. I have truly enjoyed working with this 8th grade group. I wish them all a successful time in high school experience and good luck in all their future math classes. Thank you for your support this year. Have a great weekend and a wonderful summer!

Mrs. Niccolai


SScience News


We finished the mousetrap cars with great success! Congratulations to Jacob Geiss and Daniel Kusek for designing and building a car with the longest distance of 19 meters. Congratulations to Kayla Knutdsen and Mackenzie Grabher for most artistic design, to Daniel Leffler and Tyler Cook for best engineered and to Lane Anderson and Brady Knutson for the fastest car.

The different parts of the project were all due on Wednesday. Grades will be up to date by the end of the weekend so please check to make sure your child has everything turned in.

The last thing we are working on is computer science. Students are working on Khan academy to learn how to do some coding. I have already seen some students really excel in this program. They will get a completion grades for the 8 required assignments and extra credit for anything done after that.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Weis


Social Studies News

This week in Civics, the students completed the Chapter 11 test which focused on the state governments. Then they began a portfolio project by researching one of the 50 state governments. With the research they gained they created a presentation that they will present to the class. Next week students will present what they learned to the class. It’s been a real honor to work with your child over the last two years. Thank you for taking the time and reading our weekly newsletter. Mr. Johnsen


Spanish News


Esta semana en Español….

This week we are working with a new set of words and combining them with prior learning. We practiced with translations, sentences in context, readings and a story/comic book that students are reading, acting and translating. We are tackling visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners, while working in teams. We are playing vocabulary games, too. It has been a great week!

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Andrea Giganti


Gym/Health News


In Physical Education the 8th graders played Cricket on Monday, Angleball on Wednesday, and finished the week with Prison Ball on Friday.

The 8th graders continued their Human Sexuality Unit this week. We discussed and worked through the Decision Making Model to figure out one scenario and then they were asked to do one scenario on their own. We also worked through several activities about Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships.

Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs. Peterson


Band News

Yorkville Band website


The Advanced Band had a great week of classes! Our students have been perfecting the little details needed for a great concert performance such as dynamics and articulations. In band lessons, students performed their ABA music compositions. I was impressed by their creativity! Ask your child to perform it for you!

Please make a note that our Spring Band Concert will be on Tuesday, May 22 at 9:45 AM and 7:00 PM at Yorkville School. Communication of this date with your child’s sports coaches is greatly appreciated!

The annual band trip to Six Flags Great America will be on Tuesday, May 29. We will leave school at 9:30 AM and arrive back to Yorkville at 6:00 PM. Please return the permission slip and $12 by Wednesday, May 23. Students with a season pass only need to turn in a permission slip.

Have a great weekend!

Mr. Beix


Choir News



8th graders have been preparing their 8th grade graduation song this week. After handing out the music, they were singing in 2 part harmony within 20 minutes. Way to go!!! We have made a lot of progress and growth this year and I am very pleased with them. I hope they continue with choir in High School and wish them the very best! Have a safe and exciting summer!!!!!

Wizard of Oz: Wow!!! I am so impressed with how well our choir students did with the musical. They should be very proud of themselves!! Thank you for helping them along the way and supporting them through this wonderful experience!!! Here is the musical youtube link for your viewing pleasure… https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=H4fTN5oJ_rQ

Volunteers: Thank you to all the families that have volunteered to help with the musical this year. We could not do it without your support. THANK YOU!!!

Reminder: If your student is absent during any choir class, they must complete the rehearsal make-up minutes assignment. Extra worksheets can be found in the classroom and on my website.