Fractions With Akash


Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Explanation Adding fractions and Subtracting fractions

Step 1: Look at your fractions.

Step 2: See what type of operation you are using.

Step 3: If it is adding then find the least common multiple for your denominator, then put your multiple under your line so it would be a denominator.

Step 4: If you do not have unlike denominator then you don't change any thing and just add the number on top (numerator).

Step 5: You have to multiply your numerator with the multiple you multiplied with your numerator.

Step 6: Now you add the fractions.

Step 7: Answer!!!!

Step 8: Same thing for subtracting except you subtract your numerator.

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Multiplying and Dividing fractions with Akash

Multiplying fractions

Step 1: Multiply your numerator and your denominator with your other fraction's denominator and numerator

Step 2 : then you get your answer then you can find least common multiple and simplify

Dividing fractions

Step 1: Keep the fraction on the left

Step 2: flip your fraction on the right

Step 3: then multiply across

Step 4: then you can simplify it by any multiple

strategy to multiply and divide fractions.wmv
Math Antics - Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Learning Decimals with Akash

Multiplying Decimals with Akash

Step 1: We are multiplying decimals

Step 2: Multiply your decimals but there are two ways to do that first you can forget about your decimal point and just multiply the later put your decimal point where it's supposed

Step 3: After your done multiplying your decimals then put your decimal to the right cause first see your equation see how many numbers are on the left with both decimals then put your decimal point the added up number of spaces you make the decimal point go to the left of your answer.

Step 4: Your done!!!!

Dividing Decimals with Akash

Step 1: We are dividing decimals

Step 2: First put your numbers where there supposed to be

Step 3: Then if you have a decimal point outside the house the move so it can be a whole number then count the number of spaces you moved do the same thing in your house

Step 4: Then divide and when you get your answer pull your decimal point up the your done