Problems In Life

Compare And Contrast/Sequence


Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks both fought for civil rights in the late 50s and early 60s but they also had differences. For instance MLK Jr. fought for civil rights with a non-violent approach and won a Nobel peace prize. Where as Rosa Parks fought hard for the civil rights moment and showed no regard for her own safety.

That doesn't mean their weren't similarities. For one MLK Jr. was with Rosa Parks on many occasions and both fought to gain equal rights for all African Americans. Both even spoke after until MLK Jr.'s untimely death. These are some differences and similarities in these civil rights age heroes.


Orphans overcame adversity over time in the orphanage. One of these orphans had to go through these adversities one being born into a drug using home. This girls name was Jenifer. She was brought to five acres orphanage where life didn't get much better she faced bullying and not getting adopted. She was adopted by her grand parents at age 6.Despite all of her adversities she went through she finally succeseded and is now in high school.

Problem and Solution/Cause and Effect/Description and Definition


Doctors have been giving help to young adults to help them get through their problems such as a break up, not making a sports team, or even feeling bad about their grades. All these young people having problems their parents can't deal with go to these doctors at Surviving Your Childs Adolescence.


Terrible events in a child's life can have a bad result, as a result it can cause Phschiatric diseases and can get them put into a mental institution. Children who have lost a parent have brought about terrible emotional problems in their life. It increases the stress level on the brain and can cause a brain anurisim killing or severally injuring the person.


Children facing adversity are more likely to take comfort in a pet than in a brother or sister. Children who are facing adversity such as illness or parents splitting up are more likely to speak to a pet than a actual human being. researchers also think it boosts the child's social status and ability to communicate with adults.