Advantages and Disadvantage

of the Articles of Confedetation

Before The Articles of Confederation states had started to form their own constitutions. The Articles of Confederation were written during the Revolutionary war by the Second Continental Congress in order to provide some form of unified government for the colonies. Until the Constitution was written the states abided by Article of Confederation which were extremely shakey.


Although the Articles of Confederation seemed to have many troubles going for it, there were a few things that were consider strengths and where later used in the Constitution. The articles did include a unified army for the states and could build and control an army. They also set up a legislature that allowed each state to have one vote and had the ability to deal with foreign countries on the behalf of the states. And if nothing else these Articles were a experience for the writers and they learned the what would work for the U.S. and resulted in a better Constitution.


There were many disadvantages of the Articles of Confederation. They included not having a president and no national government. There was no national taxes and no national currency, so the states wouldn't be able to exchange money. No way to regulate trade. Laws could not be enforced in the colonies, and there was no national court system. These many weaknesses led to rebellions so the founding fathers realized there was to many flaws. Later they wrote the Constitution.

Reason Why the Governors Created a Government With a Weak Central Government.

The founding fathers were afraid of giving to much power to the central government and that it would become a monarchy. They instead gave more power to the states.