The Savanna

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This is a prime example of your average Savanna. It is centered around a large watering hole. It is ringed with clay soil, fading to grasses and small arboreal vegetation.


The Savanna has a wet/dry climate. The wet climate refers to a tropical season while the dry climate refers to the winter season. The wet season all of the plants shrivel up and die. The temperature during this time is between 78-86 degrees Fahrenheit. During the dry season this is considered to be the time when the plants start to grow. It is when most of the rain happens allowing the rivers to flow and the plant life to increase. The temperature during this time is 68-78 Fahrenheit. The temperature in the savanna does not drastically change it tends to stay at a constant.


Savannas are mostly located in Africa, Australia, South America, and India. This is because a Savanna is mostly grass and a few scattered trees.
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The Savanna is covered in grasses, mostly coarse, and small groves of trees. These trees generally live near streams or ponds, due to little rainfall. The most distinguishable of these trees is the umbrella-shaped Acacia tree.


The Savanna is able to support a vast array of life. This life ranges from insects to the King of the Jungle.
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