The Anthony times

By : Anthony

The famous Anthony name people in sports.

1. Anthony Davis

This guy is a basketball player who plays for the Pelicans he is a center - forward for the team his stats are pts. 24.4 reb. 10.2 ast. 2.2 pie.19.2%.

2. Carmelo Anthony

This guy is another basketball player he plays for the New York Knicks he is a forward for the team his stats are pts .24.2 reb. 6.6 ast. 3.1 pie. 14%.

3. Antonio brown (In Spain it means Anthony)

This guy is football player he plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers his position is a wide receiver. His stats are rec. 37 yds. 523 avg. 14.1 TD. 2.

4.Anthony Davis

I know what you are thinking (what!) so I want to that there is more then 1 Anthony Davis

he plays for the 49ers his stats are G=71 GS=71 he is a offensive takle

5. Anthony Dixon

This guy plays for the Buffalo Bills his stats are CAR =15 YDS =19 AVG =1.3 TDS = 1 his position is running back.

This Anthony Davis (basketball) playing a game of basketball
Anthony Davis Shows off His Full Arsenal and Leaves with 22 points!

Best people in soccer (best players!)

1. Chistiano Ranaldo

This guy plays for Real Madrid his position is left wing his stats Games : 2 Goals : 5 Assists : 0 Shots : 22.

2. Messi

This guy plays for FC BARCELONA. His position is forward. His stats are Games :1 goals : 0 assist : 0 shots : 8.

3. Neymar

This guy plays for Barcelona his position is forward. His stats are Games 2 goals 0 assists 0 shots 6.

4. Arjen Robin

This player plays for Bayern Munich games 0 goals 0 assists 0 shots 0.

5. Luis Suarez

This guy plays for Fc Barcelona his position is forward his stats are games 2 goals 2 assists 0 shots 6.

These are some videos of the stars scoring goals.
Top 10 Moments - Arjen Robben