Endangered Species:

Carolina Northern Flying Squirrel (Glaucomys sabrinus)

Habitat of the Carolina northern flying squirrel

They are found in western North Carolina, in 12 counties to be exact. More specifically, they inhabit areas where northern hardwoods, such as Yellow Birch, are found. These areas are most often a cool and moist environment.


Reason of Endangerment

The reason why this species is endangered is mainly because of human activities and threats that we make. This includes the clearing of forests, residential developments, acid rain, and the introduction of exotic pests.


What is being done?

Long poles are being placed throughout the Appalachian Mountains that contain dens for the squirrels to sleep in, as well as hide from predators. These poles are tall enough to let the squirrels be able to easily glide from one side of a road to the other. Some signs are also being placed, saying "Do not mow." This makes it to where the trees will grow closer to the road, eventually eliminating the need for these poles