JFK Assassination

Orlando Soto


In November 22,1963 John F. Kennedy was shot in Dallas Texas during his trip there. The Killer was apparently Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald shot Kennedy three time with his rifle, John F Kennedy was shot in the head and the rest body shots. All though its not clear yet people still don't know why Lee killed the president. This case became controversial because people think that Oswald wasn't alone, that the Russians or Cubans including the CIA were involved.
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Media Portrayals

The JFK assassination was the one big controversy in the decade of the 1960's and still is till today. The story told to the U.S citizens was the John .F Kennedy was killed by a guy named Lee Harvey Oswald three times. All fingers pointed him after evidence show that Harvey left the scene and went to a movie theater. That's just one conspiracy, another one is that the CIA had to do something with it because of the failure of the Cuba mission. Till this day people don't agree on who really killed JFK.
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Depending on which side your looking at there's a lot of biases to be found. Bias that has been being use is bias source selection. There a lot of information to find out there in the internet but it all depends on what your theory is. The JFK Assassination has tons and tons of articles and different perspectives of what people think like the Russians planning the whole thing or even the CIA being.
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My opinion

My opinion over that day is that Lee Harvey Oswald was used. He got set up and the people who actually shot JFK was the CIA. I'm not saying that they literately killed them. They planned the whole thing out and used Harvey as bate so everybody can think it was him. My reasons for thinking that the CIA did it because when they mission in Cuba failed it made JFK look bad, so when he was running for his second term he told him that he was going to do everything he can to withdraw the CIA.
Prespective regaring JFK's Assassination