The Beach Trip

JaColby Alford

There was one day during spring break my mother took me and my friends Arrione and Raven to the Beach because she felt like we deserved it based on our grades. My mother told Arrione to pack her clothes, Arrione also told Raven to do the same but my mom didn't want Raven or me to know right away. Later that day my mom told that were were going South Carolina, Myrtle Beach for 3 days, we left the day after we found out so it was a surprise it was also rushing because we had to pack everything and not forget anything. The next morning me Arrione, Raven, And my mother left for the Beach, during the ride we we're having a good time laughing, exploring lands, and lakes it was awesome. Hours later during the drive my mom gets a surprising call from my teacher Ms. Lillian, she told my mom how I didn't go as good as I should have on my final which brought my grade down, I knew something wasn't right because my mom mood changed. After the call form my teacher my mom told me that she said and she was quite disappointed. My mom told me my punishment was not giving me and my friends space when we go out during the trip that was a bomber I really had a breakdown. Me and my friends went to Club Karma soon as we located to the Beach thinking my punishment slipped off my mothers mind but in reality it didn't. During the club hours me and my friends were just sitting around as my mother was just sitting in the corner I guess she called herself watching us. Me and my friends were already ready to leave the Beach we we're about to get watched the whole time so we left the beach and the trip so was long, and quite the fact I ended up in trouble.

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