Gifted, Grade 5

with Mr. Horak (December 7-11)

Conversation Starters

Conversation Starters

The 5th grade gifted classes are beginning a new communication system to help parents start academic conversations with their children. We will begin sending home our learning goals for the week, to help parents talk about what we did for the day and week. This means no more “What did you do today?” with the response of “nothing much” or “I don’t remember.”

Reading: (Monday-Friday)

1.Deliver TEDx Speech with Visuals.

2. Introduction to "The BEST Christmas Pageant Ever"

3. Introduction to Winter Pageant play writing

4. What is the Mystery of Roanoke?

5. How do you have a detectives eye?

Writing: (Monday-Friday)

1. How do I include dialogue in a narrative?

2. How do I include specific actions of characters within my writing?

Math: (Monday-Friday)

1. How do I master decimal division?

2. How Do I write Zeros in the dividend?

3. PROBLEM SOLVING with Decimals

4. End of Chapter


Content: (Monday-Friday)

1. Share my Compound Machine

2. Where is Roanoke? What are the theories behind its demise?

3. FIELD TRIP to Cracker Country




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Our Scholar of the Week is....

Evan Knoop!

Evan enjoys many different things in his day to day life. He absolutely love Tae Kwon Do, boy scouts, and baseball. When he isn't busy with his sports and activities, he enjoys spending quality time with his family. He really likes the bike rides, game nights, and movie nights with his mom, dad, and sister. When asked about his favorite hobbies, Evan listed reading, camping, video games, and baseball again. This year Evan has read the Kingdom Keepers, Artemis Fowl, and Harry Potter series for fun.

In class Evan excels in ELA (reading) and math. His math skills are exceptional and his ability to pick up new concepts are amazing as well! He also enjoys science and of course, recess.

Evan wants to attend USF when he goes to college, and he wants to be an architect or a LEGO engineer when finished with college. Evan, thank you for being a SUPERSTAR in class, and for being our Scholar of the Week!

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Holiday Tree Brownies!

This week our tasty treats come in the form of brownies.

What is needed:

Brownie Mix

Decorating frosting


Hard candies

1 Package of small candy canes

First, make a batch of brownies from a quick brownie mix sold in stores (Duncan Hines, Ghirardelli etc.)

Next, cut brownies into triangles (sizes can very).

Following up, decorate the brownie with decorating frosting, red hot cinnamon hard candies (your choice of hard candies) and cookie sprinkles.

Finally, take the single candy canes and break apart the hook (if you choose); then insert the straight end of the candy cane into the bottom of the brownie.

Rinse and repeat. Enjoy with family and friends!