New Jersey


Fun Facts

New Jersey's abbreviation is NJ. NJ's state animal is the horse. New Jersey's tree is the red oak. State flower is the purple violet. The capital is Trenton. NJ became the third state in December 18,1786. State bird is Eastern Gold Finch. These are all the fun facts that I know.

Places In New Jersey

I'm going to name some places in New Jersey. You could go to the coast and swim, surf and build sand castles, go to the movies or get a cake at Carlo's Bakery. Here are some more places you could go to, the library, don't forget Blackbeard's cave it has a 20 hole miniature golf course, a go kart track, bumper boat, and batting cages. Never forget Jankenson's, it has a beautiful beach with white sand, games, rides and sharks, seals, penguins, monkeys and more.

Jobs In New Jersey

Here are some jobs in New Jersey.Nursing like helping old people, building houses, police, giving people tickets, teachers teaching kids, shop owners like owning a mall or a store.
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