GPPSS Technology Newsletter

October 2018


In this newsletter, you will find updates on the following:

  • Google Drive File Stream (great new feature!)

  • Schoology

  • Adding Pass/Fail Grades and Conduct and Work Habits into the MiStar Gradebook

  • Help Desk Support

Google Drive File Stream

One of the main reasons why many people use Google Drive is the ability to access files from anywhere. Whether you are at work or at home, storing files in the cloud (like Google Drive) allows you to access files instantaneously. In the past, uploading and downloading files to and from Drive could often be tedious because users could only access this via the website. Google has now come out with a new program called “Drive File Stream” to make access much easier.

  • File Stream has been added to all staff computers. You can find this by clicking on the start menu and finding “Drive File Stream”

  • File Stream is your Google Drive but looks just like a C: Drive or an H:Drive.

  • What’s nice about this feature is that you can access all of your Google Files (and Team Drive Files) on your Windows computer without having to go to the Google Drive Website.

Click here for directions on accessing File Stream

Schoology Updates

Now that we are a month into school, the GPPSS secondary staff is becoming more accustomed to Schoology’s grade book and features. Here are a few notes so far...

Creating Assignments in Schoology

Have you had students come to you stating that they have an assignment marked “overdue” when they’ve already turned it in? It may be due to the “submissions enabled” button being left on when the assignment was created.

If you have created a non-digital assignment, remember to turn the click the “submissions enabled” to become “submissions disabled”.

Advisor Access in Schoology

Although Schoology doesn’t have many features to run reports, please note that teachers have the ability to access student grades by using the “Advisor Dashboard”

The Advisor Dashboard feature is located under “Tools” on the main main banner, and then click on Advisor Dashboard.

You can then access grades and can download student grade reports from this feature.

Counselors also receive updates every other week on students who are currently failing a class via support services.

Rosters in Schoology

The Information Services department has done an amazing job working with Wayne Resa to continue making corrections with students being placed in the wrong courses within Schoology.

One common occurrence that we’ve seen is that students are appearing in a Schoology course because they will be in your class second semester. We will continue making corrections to these situations.

Parent Login Information in Schoology (and how to link your parent/employee account)

In late August, parents were sent information on how to sign in to Schoology using their MiStar Parent Portal login.

Information can be found on our district website for parents

If you are an employee as well as a parent in the district, you can link both of your accounts together by doing the following:

  • Click on your name on the right hand side

  • Click on settings

  • Scroll down to “Link Accounts”

  • Click on “Link Accounts”

  • You will then be prompted to enter your Parent Credentials (ex: P15001234) and password. You will then need to type in “Grosse Pointe Public School System” when prompted

Schoology Support

Have a Schoology question and unsure where to go? Please make sure to contact the following:

Adding Pass/Fail Grades and Middle School Conduct and Work Habits into MiStar's Gradebook

When giving students a Pass/Fail grade or adding Conduct and Work Habit Scores, teachers will need to provide these grades via the MiStar grade book, as the Schoology grade book does not allow for this.

Click here for instructions on how to add these items into MiStar.

Help Desk Support

In order to assist your needs in a timely and effective manner, we ask that you contact us either by submitting a Help Desk ticket or by calling 5199 from any district phone.

If you've never created a Help Desk ticket in our new ticketing system, click here for instructions.