Bucket List

What do I want to do?

Who am I?

I am a high school student that enjoys seeking thrill and adventure. I love taking things to the next level and trying things I haven't tried before and being able to do something that fulfilled that level of adventure and thrill before I die is surely something that would really make my life complete

Where do I want to go?

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My Top Bucket List Entry

Cliff diving is my top bucket list entry because of the adventure and the thrill that comes with diving off a pile of rocks form a great height. The one thing I love about cliff diving is the freedom you get once you say you want to do it. The idea of having the freedom and happiness you want is unconditional and I imagine that everyone wants that. So I would really want this to be number one on my bucket list and I hope that one day i could check this off my list before I "kick the bucket".
Cliff Jumping into 2014 - Maui Barefoot Ninjas
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