Balance of Power: Germany

By: Hunter Erichsen

What is the size of the country's area?

Germany is approximately 137,846 square miles. Germany is small to some countries but large to others. It's positioning though can be an issue because it is surrounded completely by other neighboring countries except for the north, which it is bordered by the North and Baltic Sea. They don't have great positioning because they're completely surrounded by countries and two seas to the north.
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What is the population of the state?

Germany has a population of 81.89 million people. It is somewhat in the middle of the spectrum when it comes to population. Compared to more dominant countries, it is vacant, but compared to smaller countries, it has a lot of people.
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How well educated and united is its population?

Germany's population is well educated simply because their education system is more cheaper than other country's education. The proof of this is the fact that Germany's youth unemployment rate is one of the lowest in the world. They are a federal public and democracy, where the people more or less rule the government. Germany is also apart of the EU. This is beneficial too it's power because better educated people mean smarter political decisions, better army strategy, and if a leader of the country is disliked, the people can remove him/her.
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How large and well-equipped are its armed forces?

Germany has 62,000 troops, which is nothing compared to the US army that has about 1,000,000 troops. Their army has very little advanced units or equipment. This poses as a disadvantage if they ever get sucked I to war, as they will be totally outnumbered. However, they are a part of the EU, so they will have reinforcement troops.
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What are Germany's physical features?

The north is the sea, the south and southwest are mountainous, and the whole land is full of somewhat large rivers. The east is, however, not covered by much. This means that the most logical form of attack, if someone wanted to attack Germany, it would probably be from the east.
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How productive is Germany's economy?

Germany's economy is one of the most productive in Europe. 4th best by nominal GDP in the world and 5th by GDP. Germany is one of the founder countries of the EU and Eurozone. Germany has the largest output in the world. This is VERY helpful when it comes to difficult times. This will give them options with lots of money and trading partners.
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