Friday Review

Friday, January 13, 2017

Benchmark Updates

Monday, January 16- MLK Holiday, No School

Tuesday, January 17- 8th Grade Science Online (8th grade adjusted schedule only); Make Ups & Students who test over 2 days

Wednesday, January 18- CTE Post-Assessments; Benchmark Make Ups
(Benchmark Window Closes)

Thursday, January 19- CTE Post-Assessments

Friday, January 20- CTE Post-Assessments Make Ups, CTE Presentations

  • Make-Up Benchmark Reminders: Students who test in the regular setting (no pullout accommodations) are to make up their benchmarks the way they would normally make up a classroom test. You may want to combine students on your team or in your grade level content area and have them go to the Media Center to take their make up benchmarks. Please organize this with Mrs. Ruth Ann Harris to ensure there are no other activities taking place in the Media Center. If you have students who need to take a make up benchmarks WITH ACCOMMODATIONS, organize this with your grade level EC teacher ASAP.
  • A detailed schedule and accommodations plan was placed in your box on Thursday, January 5. Should you misplace your copy, Team Leaders and Mrs. Janet Jacobs have extras.
  • On the days of CTE Post-Assessments, please allow students to use the restroom PRIOR to electives to ensure they have time to take the test during the class period. Also, ensure that students report to class on time. Students will not be allowed to enter the testing area once the test begins.
  • Please contact Camille Goins and/or a CTE teacher with questions/concerns regarding CTE State Post-Assessments.

What's New?

  • The PBIS Committee has voted to NOT host a Sweetheart Ball this year. However, a fundraiser form was approved to host a Sweetheart Ball this year. If there is another organization that would like to host this event, please see Mr. Smith by Wednesday, January 18. If no organization offers to host the Sweetheart Ball, the Social Committee will sponsor the event. Last year, the Social Committee made $1000 from the event... this is a great fundraising opportunity!
  • Please congratulate the following Wacky Wednesday winners of a Sweetheart Ball gift pack: Chris Pate and Ciara Gibson (6th grade), Amarion Brown and Samantha Collard (7th grade), Jesse Herrera and Jordan Stone (8th grade), and Isaac Cole (M. Quick's homeroom).
  • The CTE Post-Assessment schedule lists Wednesday, January 18 as a B-Day and Thursday, January 19 as an A-Day. This is incorrect. Wednesday, January 18 is an A-Day and Thursday, January 19 is a B-day.
  • If you are interested in participating in the "Biggest Loser" weight loss competition, please let Nurse Mears know. Entry fee is $5.00 and would like to have a minimum of at least 10 participants. Winning results will be based on overall percentage of weight that is lost (not in pounds.)

  • If you plan to take off on Monday, January 23, 2017 for the Optional Teacher Workday, please go ahead and put your absence in KRONOS. You may use personal leave, leave without pay, or annual leave. This must be done while you are at school, and before Monday, January 23rd, You cannot access KRONOS from home.

  • TEACHERS: Please make sure you monitor students during bathroom time. It has been reported that students are throwing paper towels, biscuits, milk and orange juice cartons in the toilets. Our custodial staff works hard keeping things tidy and clean around our campus.

Staff Member

Listed below are the names of staff members that are currently in the yearbook as of right now. If a staff member would like to be included in the yearbook, please contact Mrs. Mary Locklear, ASAP. She has a deadline coming up and would hate for someone to be left out.
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General Reminders

  • There was an error in the last Friday Review. This Friday, January 6 was suppose to be Character Education, according to our original schedule. Administration decided to go ahead and have clubs on Friday, January 6. Nothing was scheduled for next Friday, January 13 due to benchmarks. However, we will have Character Education on Friday, January 13 since the only benchmark testing that day is Math I (8th grade). We will resume the regular, original schedule and clubs will be held on Friday, February 20.
  • The end of the 9 weeks is Friday, January 20. Monday, January 23 is an Optional Teacher Workday. Report Cards will go home on Wednesday, January 25.


  • Last week I placed a copy of an article that helps to discern what is “fake” news in your mailboxes. As students gather information and research, they often don’t scrutinize their sources closely. Check out these “10 WAYS TO SPOT FAKE NEWS”. If you missed it, come by….I have extras.
  • OVERDUE BOOKS lists were placed in ELA teachers mailboxes today. Some ELA teachers prefer to do it when they come to them and some teams taken responsibility at the homeroom level. Either way is fine, just please try to hold students accountable for any overdue books they may have.
  • If you have items you would like included in the next issue (Jan/Feb) of our SCHOOL NEWSLETTER, please email them to me.
  • There are SIX CHROMEBOOKS that will remain in the Media Center for daily checkout. Electives teachers, or others who need them, may check them out (they are barcoded) and use them for the day with your students. Please return at the end of the day for recharging.
  • The LATEST AR REPORT was placed in ELA teachers’ mailboxes on Thursday. Please remind students that the deadline is January 20. Also, be aware that this is the time that students will take tests for each other in order to help their friend make their goal. As students ask to take AR tests, you might tell them that they must show you their score when they are finished in order to receive credit. That way you can check.

This Week

Monday, January 16- MLK Holiday, No School

Tuesday, January 17- Benchmark Make Ups & Students who test over 2 days; Grade Level House and Team Meetings; Electives Team Meeting; 8th Grade CTE Mock Interviews

Wednesday, January 18- CTE Post-Assessments; Benchmark Make Ups
(Benchmark Window Closes); Project PINK Meeting during Spartan Time; Digital Facilitator on campus; ELA and Social Studies Content Level Planning Meetings; SIT Meeting at 3:45pm

Thursday, January 19- Last day to qualify for PBIS End of 9 Week's Celebration; CTE Post-Assessments; Math & Science Content Level Planning Meetings; Beginning Teachers Meeting at 3:45 at Central Office; Basketball at Sandy Grove (dismissal at 3:10pm)

Friday, January 20- AR Deadline for the 9 Weeks Goal; Selection of Homecoming candidates due to Mr. Bream; End of 9 Weeks; Clubs; CTE Post-Assessments Make Ups; Names of students who qualify for the PBIS Celebration due to Michelle Williams; 7th Grade "Business or Bust" Presentations

Looking Ahead

Monday, January 23- Optional Teacher Workday

Tuesday, January 24- 7th & 8th Grade House Meetings; Elective Team Meeting;

Wednesday, January 25- Report Cards Go Home; PBIS 9 Weeks Incentive; ELA/SS Content Level Planning; On The Road with Cecil Chandler visits M.O.V.E. and P.I.N.K

Thursday, January 26- Math/Science Content Level Planning;

Friday, January 27- Character Education; 6th Grade House Meeting;