Family Engagement Program

North East ISD

Back to School-Are You Ready?

In the midst of getting children ready for school, parents must also look at their role to help make this a great year. Leading experts all agree, the home environment is the greatest predictor of a child's success in school. Suggestions:

-model a love and enthusiasm for learning

-expose your child to meaningful learning opportunities

-demonstrate support and respect for teachers & school administrators

-attend school functions regularly

-place education ahead of extracurricular activities

-read to your child or encourage independent reading on a daily basis

-provide support and structure for homework

-set appropriate expectations for your child's achievement and behavior

-foster higher level thinking skills and problem solving

-promote structure, routine and a sense of responsibility in the family

-set limits on digital devices

-vote in all school elections

-Practical Parent Education

NetSmartz Internet Safety

Parenting tech savvy kids can be difficult, especially if you didn't grow up with the same technologies. Open to parents with children of all ages, join us as we hear the latest statistics, explore the fact about online risks, and learn about the latest online resources, videos and expert tips to keep our children safe online.

Date: Wednesday, Sept. 19

Time: 5:30pm-7:30pm

Location: NEISD Community Learning Center (CLC) #217

8750 Tesoro 78217

Discussions will be targeted to adults. Seating is limited. Click to reserve your seat.

Community Resource Guide

There are a number of great resources in our city. For additional information and resources please call 211.

Family Specialist Spotlight

Ricardo Lopez is one of the original Family Specialists that started with the inception of the program in 1997. Mr. Lopez started his deep-rooted passion as a Family Specialist by splitting his time at the Montgomery Elementary and Walzem Elementary campuses. After 6 years, he was able to devote his full time and energy for the Montgomery families and surrounding community. He has recently moved to El Dorado Elementary and has continued his life-long journey of serving his students, families and community with a variety of educational classes/workshops, finding resources to better serve the students, and his passion to empower his parents/guardians. "Being a Family Specialist has always been a challenging and rewarding experience. Education is constantly evolving with new ideas, lessons and interventions." Mr. Lopez continues the life-long learning attitude and realizes the great perspective on the dynamics of parents, families, students, and school staff roles' to center education as the key to success for all of our students. Mr. Lopez counts his blessings in working with amazing school staff, parents, and other Family Specialists. Many lifelong friends have been created over the past 21 years! Mr. Lopez believes that education is the most vital and valuable resource for all children and families. Education provides intelligent, practical knowledge to improve lives, families and communities. His favorite quote is "Smart is not what you are; it's what you become". Thank you Mr. Lopez for all your wonderful years of service!