Battle of Gonzales

Shawna, Wyatt, Cole, Destinee

Purpose of the Battle of Gonzales

They wanted independence from Mexico. They accomplished separating from mexico and becoming their own state. Also got freedom and joined unions.
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Influential People

In 1835 a cannon fiered by John H. Moore and J.W.E Wallace. They use the cannon for the battle against the Mexicans.The cannon is now in the museum where you can see it and exsibitit
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Importance to Texas Independence

This battle of Gonzales is important because Texas needed freedom outside control or support. This was also important because they got their own state called Texas. They then joined unions and came back together.
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Places to Visit

There is a monument were you can go see the same cannon that was used in the battle of Gonzales. You can see the textures and the information that is given for you. The cannon was fired by two colonels John H. Moore and J. W. E. Wallace in 1835 .
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Our resources.

We used kidrex ,battle of gonzales{1835}, social studies, and our own knowlage.
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