By: Dania Nasser

Autism VS Rare Growth Disorder

There are many different types of disabilities, though the two I picked really speak to me about how people follow their dreams no matter the obstacles in there way. I have picked a girl named Madeline Stuart with down syndrome who desperately wants to be a model. I have also picked a boy in high school who asks a girl with a rare growth disorder to prom in front of the whole school. There are many similarities and differences between these two very different stories.

Someone who has down syndrome has a mental disorder and also a physical disorder. Since Madeline has down syndrome it messes with her genetics, therefor she has a different physical appearance then her family and most people around her have. Though someone with a rare growth disorder like the girl who got asked to prom with the rapid growth disorder consecrates mostly on the physical appearance since her brain cells don't grow as much as she was supposed to, so it effects her genetics like down syndrome. Growth disorder is when a girl like her is not growing as she were expected to be whether that is too short or too tall.

However with down syndrome a girl like Madeline acts differently from people without the disorder. In public she will be making random noises, or repeating what others around her are saying or talking about. On the other hand growth disorder will act exactly like you and me though might not be as tall as us. Both are very similar in many ways, though share many differences. You are able to tell when someone like Madeline has down syndrome by their physical appearance, which includes; a short neck, oddly shaped ears, and a small head. Though the girl who got asked to prom the growth disorder includes; very short compared other girls in high school.

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How People Loose Their Arms And Legs

There are many reasons why people get/have disabilities, there are a couple main ones that are the most common ways the develop.

One reason for developing disabilities is from war. When you are in war you may loose an arm or a leg from fighting. You may also loose a limb by a gun shot, a bombs, and or chemicals during a war. The effect of war is loosing parts of your body therefore you would not be able to do things you did before, therefor you would be disabled.

Another reason why people get disabilities is dangerous work conditions. A woman or man might be working in a factory and is exposed to leaking gas or dangerous chemicals throughout their work. They usually have to cut the part the has been infected like and arm or leg due to not wearing protective gear. Therefor the effect would be them not able to walk or hold things like pencils unless the get an amputee. So they would also be disabled.

The last most common way people get disabled is by accidents. They may loose a leg or an arm from a car accident, falls, drinking or inhaling toxic chemicals, and also cooking fires. Many of these lead to getting a disability. The effect is loosing a limb whether its an arm or a leg you will end up being disabled.

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How society effects the disabled.

There are many problems with society today and how it views people who are disabled. The problem is that many people who are not disabled often reject or shadow those who are disabled end p feeling ignored or like they don't matter. One possible solution is that people have to open them self up to those who cant walk or act different.

One challenge is that most people with disabilities miss a lot of social events or family gatherings because they end up being tired or don't want to go they usually miss out. In fact about 44% of disabled people miss all these fun events. This was solved by groups or even people with disabilities go and talk about their life's with children. They also in most schools get the disabled to join many classes with the students. Therefor they have a better change for ambition.

The dilemma is that most transportation systems don't always have accessible transportation, so the disabled often fear the transportation, so they end up avoiding the problem and staying at home. Since this to led to people being rude to the disabled so the solution was that they installed ramps for them to go up and down on to help them still ride transportation.

Some solutions to all these problems may include; government,organizations, communities, and individuals coming together and working together to help them regain their social standing. Therefor there are many problems though most are progressing and getting better there still are many problems that need to be solved.

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How to put a cast on your arm

In this article I will show a step by step guide to putting a cast on your arm. This method is the way doctors help heal people limbs. Here is the step by step process

Step 1: Gather your materials, you will need ( plaster, arm slang and a bowl of hot water)

Step 2: Attempt to find a helper to hold the limb up while applying the plaster layer.

Step 3: Place the patient comfortably with his/her arm raised upward

Step 4: Pad the arm with a resilient material ( wool or felt) is most commonly used.

Step 5: Aline the broken bone while your assistant holds the arm upward

Step 6: Put as much plaster as needed, in warm water until the air escapes.

Step 7: Remove from water and squeeze gently any excess water out

Step 8: Unroll the plaster around the arm

Step 9: Smooth the plaster with the palms of your hands ( make sure your hands are very wet) to help the plaster mold into its shape.

Step 10: Apply a second layer of plaster over the first.

Step 11: Apply the third and last layer of plaster

Step 12: use scissors to cut any extra plaster around the fingers

Step 13: Allow to dry for 30-60 minutes.

That is how you apply a cast around your arm. It should be healed very soon!

This was taken from m.wikihow.com

What is a arm amputee?

There are many different ways of getting amputees including: accidents, born without legs or arms, hand accidents and many more. The most common amputee is the arm amputee. This is what an arm amputee is and how it is used effectively.

An arm amputee is a mechanical device attached to a persons arm because they are missing one and choose to get one. It attaches to the part of your arm you are missing. The doctors shape the arm and and if your missing an elbow they will attach a metal piece on the arm to make the arm bend and move up and down . This device will stay on your arm forever unless you want to have it removed. An amputee helps you do things you wouldn't be able to do without the machine including; riding a bike, playing goalie,hockey, and football plus many more. This machine looks like a real arm, so people wont be able to tell the difference. Without having an arm amputee you would have your stub, there you would only be able to do things with one arm. Arm for amputees have made a huge impact for disabled children and also adults. People when they have lost their arm may think that they cant do anything anymore. For example when they create your amputee they usually make water proof arms so you can still do all your daily activities.

All in all amputees are very helpful for children or adults that will change their life's forever.

This was taken from en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amputation