Skiing Inequalities and Equations

By: Tyler Frederick 2-3 period

Fun Math!

Ski in and ski out through this one of a kind learning experience!

2 equations and 2 inequalities word problems.

Q.Bobby skied a 3 mile run 7 times. Let X represent the number of total miles Bobby skied.


Q.Stewie snowboarded a total of 34 miles yesterday. He went on 2 very long runs. The first one was 19 miles. How long was the second run?

A.19+r=34 r=15

Q.Griffin skied at least 27 miles in 9 runs. If all the runs were the same length how long was each run?

A.x>or= to 3

Q.Marty is just learning to ski. He skied the bunny slope 6 times. He went a total of less than 3 miles. How long is the run?

A.x<0.5 miles

Pics are in order from 1-4

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1 step equations

3+x=9 X=6

3+x<9 X<6

3x=9 X=3

3x<9 X<3

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