by:Ellen Hopkins

about the book

Kristina snow, a young high school junior, perfect daughter, the not so straight A student but good grades. But all that changes after one visit to her fathers.she meets this guy Adam in the staircase which shes finds him attractive they get into a conversation then he ask whats your name she says" my friends call me Bree". Bree is Kristina's bad side which over rides anything Kristina tries to say no to. that's when everything changes for her. She gets into a lot of trouble, drugs , loosing the people you love , a child to care for but doesn't. will kristina make it out alive without Bree ruining it all for her? Bree her second conscience not a good one either.
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"There are plenty of obstacles in your path , don't allow you self to become one of them."

will Kristina survive the terrors Bree puts her through ???

conflict ( Man VS Self )

Kristina struggles with her self and making the right choices. She fights with herself or the side you would call Bree. she get caught up in drugs and cant really find a way out; on the other hand, she has a baby boy named hunter, but shes so caught up in her self, drugs and boyfriends she cant offer hunter the love he needs so;therefore, she struggles with herself trying to spend time with him and trying to quit flirting with the monster ( CRANK ).

(this is based on a true story about Ellen Hopkins daughter)

This book is about struggle

"have you ever been so angry that you couldn't look in the mirror for fear of finding the face of evil glaring back at you"